Every year we have to understand when to release our wines, we love to let our wine to rest in bottle before they enter the house of our friends and clients. In the winter we normally release wines that has been bottled during the previous winter or during the summer. Our traditional approach in the cellar needs the wine to relax in their bottle for a summer at least, this to show their complexity at best.

The wines just released:

Rivoli Dolcetto d’Alba 2019:

a Dolcetto in our classic style, parfumed of spices and small fruits, medium bodied and very easy drinking.

Campolive Barbera d’Alba Superiore 2017:

promising vintage for Barbera, dense and straight, vibrant, the Campolive vineyard kept its balance and gave us a wine with an incredible character.

[WA: 92]

Starda Langhe Nebbiolo 2019:

perfect vintage for Nebbiolo, great anteprima of this vintage to the bigger Nebbiolo that will follow. Complex, it dance among flowers and spices over a delicate tannin, son of a perfect ripeness.

[JS: 92]

Ca Veja Nebbiolo d’Alba 2017:

our vineyard with the strongest soul, shows its seriousness in this vintage in which emerges his abilities to fill the palate with spices, flowers and fruits with a delicate touch.

[WA: 93+]

Serraboella Barbaresco 2017:

wine that is approachable given the generous vintage that brought sweeter tannins, without compromising on complexity and verticality typical of Serraboella. The door towards the complexity of our wines

[JS: 95, VINOUS: 93]

Sorì Paitin Serraboella Barbaresco 2017:

we grow on in structure and complexity, the Sorì Paitin shows our change of perspective in the vineyards followed by the global warming, to preserve freshness of Nebbiolo and its ageability.

[WA: 94, JS: 94, VINOUS: 94]

Vecchie vigne Sorì Paitin Barbaresco Riserva 2015:

extremely dynamic expression of the Vecchie Vigne, robust and nervous, light in the colour and immediate at the nose, to show again the grit of the vintage when in the palate.

[WA:95, JS: 97]

Finally we would like to emphasize two wines that most of You loved during this difficult 2020.

Sorì Paitin Serraboella Barbaresco 2016:

one of the best vintage of the last twenty years, all the complexity is sublimated in a wine that shows himself slowly and with grace.

[WA: 96, WS:94]

Bonina Langhe Freisa 2018:

after 50 years she is back, this wine by the strong piedmontese identity. And she speaks to people that believe in traditions, autochthonous wines and in the beauty of simplicity.

[Wall Street Journal Article: 5 Intimidating Wines That Are Actually Easy to Love] 

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