Barbaresco Basarin


Basarin is among the most fascinating hills of the Langhe, its grandeur makes it so attractive. Ever since famed vineyard of the village of Neve, exposition to South, from which it derives its name that means “kissed by the sun”. Very steep, at the crossroads of the three villages of Neive Treiso and Barbaresc, it leads to spiced, fine and elegant wines. Became famous through the priest of Neive, that among many vineyards he selected the grapes from Basarin and Gallina to make his best Barbaresco. In the years many other producers claimed this vineyard, from 2018 it has become part of our production. The alter-ego of Serraboella, this wine plays his strength through its slenderness full of character.

South, 260-300 masl.
100% Nebbiolo
Guyot, Planted in 1980-1990.
Organic with the sole use of sulphur and copper natural compound, manual or mechanic
mowing to avoid herbicides, harvest is exclusively manual.
Nebbiolo is all vinified with the same philosophy: subject to pressing and destemming then he ferments and macerates from 3 to 6 weeks in stainless steel than it finishes the maceration with the ancient technique of the submerged cap. At the end of the winter he is brought to the wood barrels where he stays around 1 year and a half or 2 years when his structure asks. Barrels volume vary between 25 to 50 hectoliters, made of Slavonian and Austrian oak with an age of 15 years.
Marly limestone belonging to the Marne di Sant’Agata fossili tipiche.