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Since two centuries a recondite attraction tied us to this hill we were victims of her magnetism, aware of her uniqueness, proudly we guard it.


Both in the vineyards and in the cellar our work accounts for the uniqueness of our place and it is essential that our secret character is revealed.

Our first attention is to the plants. We always preserved the classic sub-varietals of Piedmontese tradition: Lampia, Rosè e Michet. The former two prevailing. Through massale selection practiced for years allowed us a perfect acclimatization of the various sub-varietals to our soil and microclimate. Our objective on every plant from Arneis to Nebbiolo is to have a balance in the production coherent to the vigor of the plant, neither excessive nor too contained. Nebbiolo to preserve its equilibrium and finesse, should not be stressed with a high yield or a dramatically low yield that would be translated respectively into dilution and unbalanced concentration.

A well-managed terrace, a good turf, a rare movement of the soil to guarantee a healthy biosphere. Integration of organic material is granted thanks to green and animal manure every couple of years. We live with objective to bring home balanced grapes, that mirrors the vintage, responding to climate and plant’s needs.
For what concerns plants defense, the greatest help comes from the privileged exposure, so the plants need the minimum intervention to grant healthiness. Interventions are just handled with copper and sulphur, against our only two diseases: downy mildew and powdery mildew.

For what concerns the ecosystem, we avoid exposing our vineyards to chemicals or certain product of synthesis, this along with our very conscious neighbors helps to keep our hill characterized by a good biodiversity. The fact that the major plot of land is only one that we can guarantee its health without having to argue with different vision.

In 2015, we decided in fact to certify our organic practices introduced around the year 2000s.

IT BIO 015-2483

The respect for the environment can be seen in the daily routine. All the energy we use comes from nature itself: wood and solar power. The same attention can be found in the rest of the wine: personalized bottles to guarantee a constant high standard, they respect the environment thanks to the recycled glass and the low emission facilities adopted. Same care for what concerns the label, printed with zero carbon emission machines, while the images evokes the ancient family crest and the old toponyms where the grapes came from. Natural cork is part of the best selections and on Barbaresco they have been singularly checked to avoid any issue on the wine. They also come from firms with particular attention to emissions and environment.

This for us is environmental synergy.




Langhe are the results of a rare geological event. First there was the sea. Dry and wet alternating seasons. The erosion of the surrounding alpine arc brought into the sea layers and layers of sand and silt. From here we have a unique soil composition, like unique is the composition of the alps that surrounds us.



Raising the alps, has not just characterized our soils. Waterways has deeply engraved the surface bringing to light some submerged layers, while giving an irregular shape to our hills and giving them various exposures to the sun. Exposures that bring heterogeneous microclimates to exist, depending on the amplitude of the valleys, steepness and wind protection.


These premises are better exalted by one of the most sensible vines in heart: Nebbiolo, autochthonous Piedmontese varietal, that for centuries has been cultivated and selected here.

This is the reason why the Langhe fascinate and involve people, is the only place in Italy where historically the best vineyards have always been identified through centuries that got winemakers respect. While their wines, have been giving unparalleled emotions, able to show multiple identities and mystery.

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La tradizione e la passione di un territorio per raccontare i grandi vini delle Langhe e del Roero.