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The Wine Cellar is located in Neive, Alba (Piedmont)

Denomination: DOCLETTO D'ALBA
Description: DOLCETTO D'ALBA
Exposure to the sun: SOUTH-WEST Sorì Paitin (Serraboella - Neive)
270-300m asl
Vine: Dolcetto
Production area: Neive - Barbaresco
Breeding type: Guyot
Year: 2016
Serving temperature: 16°-18°C / 60-65°F
Wine-making: Fermentations and macerations take place in vertical tanks, for 35 up to 40 days. Through the traditional "remontage" technique.

Fining take place in Slavonian oak "botti" for 5 months.
Soil: Soil: Silty-Loam (Inceptisuoli, Entisuoli and Alfisuoli of fine texture)
Substrate: Junction of Marne di Sant'Agata Fossili (Marly siltstones - higher Oligocene / Miocene) and Formazioni di Lequio (Layers of marl - middle Miocene)
Surface: 0,9 Hectares

Located in the Sorì Paitin, surrounded by Nebbiolo, we choose to let this vineyard in our best plot. From 8 generations both Dolcetto and Nebbiolo always expressed their best in this part of the hill. This choice was made to honour an important variety in the Piedmontese tradition and to respect our inner principle of biodiversity preservation.


Dark, sumptuous and powerful […] Dark red cherry, sweet floral notes and cloves wrap around the intense, juicy finish.




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