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The Wine Cellar is located in Neive, Alba (Piedmont)

Denomination: BARBERA D'ALBA
Description: BARBERA D'ALBA
Exposure to the sun: EAST Serra (Serraboella - Neive)
Vine: Barbera
Production area: Neive - Barbaresco
Breeding type: Guyot
Year: 2015
Serving temperature: 16°-18°C / 60-65°F
Wine-making: Fermentations and macerations take place in vertical tanks, for 15 up to 20 days. Traditionally with the "remontage" technique.

Fining take place in Slavonian oak "botti" for 12 months.
Soil: Soil: Silty-Loam (Inceptisuoli, Entisuoli and Alfisuoli of fine texture)
Substrate: Junction of Marne di Sant'Agata Fossili (Marly siltstones - higher Oligocene / Miocene) and Formazioni di Lequio (Layers of marl - middle Miocene)
Surface: 2.7 Hectares

It grows on the east of the Serraboella hill, where the slopes are more gently. Over these hills the famous Barbera of the Bricco di Neive were grown in the past. Appreciated for the freshness and balance, a result of the heterogeneity of this soil and the gentle morning sun.


Expressive aromatics meld into a core of sweet red stone fruit, silky. Sweet floral and spice notes reappear on the inviting finish.




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